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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do before going to the hospital?

If possible, try not to bathe, shower, douche, or use the toilet before getting to the hospital. Because evidence of the assault and the perpetrator’s identity (hair, seminal fluids, bits of skin, etc.) may be left on your body, it is important to try and preserve these. If you were assaulted orally, avoid drinking, eating or brushing your teeth prior to the exam. Keep in mind that your well-being is our first priority, and if you need to do (or have already done) one of these things to feel better, there is still a chance to collect evidence afterwards.

Also, if possible, don’t change your clothes before going to the hospital. If you must change clothes, place the items that were worn at the time of the attack in a paper bag (not plastic) and take them with you to the hospital. Having physical evidence collected can strengthen a case if you decide to pursue legal action.

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