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Upcoming Events

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

The Crisis Center is proud to be hosting events throughout April in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Our events are designed to provide support to survivors of sexual assault and their families, while spreading awareness and hope. We invite everyone to join us in showing support for survivors and their families by attending our events and helping us spread the message that there is always hope. Our events our Community Art Project and Candlelight Vigil. Join us in April to show support, learn more, and help bring hope to the lives of survivors and their families.

The Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) offers training for those working in crisis centers to help victims of sexual assault. Through TAASA’s foundation, participants gain a better understanding of the neurobiology of trauma and why it is important to help survivors through their healing process. TAASA also provides training to help those working in the crisis centers to build a stronger case to prosecute perpetrators. TAASA provides TCOLE credits for those who complete the training.

TAASA Training
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