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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I do to Protect Myself?

At Home:

  • Install dead bolt locks on all doors and trac locks on all windows.

  • Call your local police department for free security assistance.

  • List only your last name and initials in phone directories and on all  mailboxes.

  • Keep all doors locked at all times and install a peephole.

  • Install new locks when moving into a new location.

  • Never open the door to a stranger. Require identification from repairmen, policemen, salesmen, etc. Allow entry only if expected.

  • Do not allow strangers to use your phone. Make the necessary call for them or direct them to a public phone.

  • If a door or window has been forced open or broken while you were away, do not enter or call out. Use a neighbor's phone to call the police.

  • When returning home, have your keys ready so you can enter easily and quickly. Keep curtains drawn after dark.

  • Hang up immediately on obscene callers. Pretend to talk to someone in the room or pretend to tell the operator to trace the call before hanging up on the caller. Instruct children not to speak to strangers over the phone.

On the Street:

  • Walk quickly and against the traffic.

  • Walk in open areas away from walls, shrubs, doorways, and alleys.

  • If you suspect you're being followed, go to a safe place quickly and call for help.

  • If a car pulls up next to you, run in the direction that the car came from. If the driver wants to follow you, the car will have to be turned around.

  • Never hitchhike!

In a Car:

  • Keep doors locked at all times (when driving and after entering a parked car).

  • Check the back seat and under the car before entering.

  • Lock door immediately upon entering.

  • Always park in an area that is well lighted.

  • If someone approaches the car while you're stopped at a light, drive away quickly.

  • When returning to your car, have the keys in your hand.

  • If you have car trouble, signal for help by raising the hood or by tying a white handkerchief to the antenna. Remain inside the car with the doors locked until identified help arrives.

  • Never pick up hitchhikers!

  • If you are being followed, do not go to your home. Go to a police station or the nearest business.

  • If you are being forced off the road by another car, do not stop. Do not be afraid to damage your car. Proceed to a business or police station as quickly as possible. Blow your horn for attention.

At a Party or Nightclub:

  • Don't leave your beverage unattended.

  • If you have to go to the bathroom, take your beverage with you.

  • Don't pick up a beverage after it has been left unattended while you were chatting or dancing.

  • Don't accept a beverage someone has bought for you unless you watch it being made or you open the beverage yourself.

  • Don't allow a stranger to take you home. Provide your own transportation.

  • Attend with a group of friends and watch out for each other.

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